We’d love to see you at Haulery, the executive summit covering the hard work of rebuilding consumer ecommerce delivery. The incumbent shipping companies weren’t built for the crazy consumer volumes that ecommerce is driving and the demanding consumer behavior that smartphones have instilled in us.

This is our second event. Technicolor Ventures and I threw a dinner for a dozen ecommerce delivery CEOs in October, and we realized that we couldn’t stop there. Our charter attendees were the CEOs of Addy Trak, CargomaticDoorman, Envoy, Keychain Logistics, Rickshaw, ShipHawk, and Technicolor Global Logistics, among others. This time we are shooting for about 60 CEOs, a dozen VCs, and a few hangers on. Please note that I yam what I yam, and the summit is on a Monday -- only the VC's who care about the sector enough to stiff their partners and show up (A quick shout out to Abhas of MDV who is catching a 7am back from the Superbowl and coming straight to our little show!).

Just like our charter dinner, the focus here isn’t on competition -- it’s on bringing together a bunch of startups into a distributed infrastructure that provides a complete solution to replace the portions of the incumbents that don’t satisfy smartphone-enabled consumers.

We are also thrilled to have struck a partnership with Home Delivery World. Part of the summit’s agenda will be running a startup contest where the prize is space in Home Delivery World’s Innovation Space at their definitive industry trade show in Atlanta April 8 and 9.

NB: Yes, I’m conflicted as heck by my #involvements in Addy, Doorman, Envoy, LuxerOne, and Technicolor Global Logistics. And, I’m doing my best to become a lot more conflicted than that. Deal with it.

Please do not hesitate to call or text +1 415 798 9527 for help.